Jax Joon

Jax Joon is an eclectic independently owned boutique specializing in apparel, locally sourced and created gifts and home decor, creatively upcycled furniture, and vintage finds. Located on historic Ballard Ave, the shop has evolved over the years and is daily "freshly" discovered by newly transplanted Ballardites and others. The question of "Are you a new store?" happens quite often.

Jax Joon was opened in March of 2011. It was named after the original owners' children. It was the "brother" store to the already established Damsalfly, which was opened in January 2000. Since its opening, Jax Joon has been featured along with Damsalfly in Seattle Magazine. The two stores merged into one under the name Jax Joon in 2013. The next step in Jax Joon's evolution was in late 2015 when the current owners, Alan and Brittney Geleynse, acquired it. We're not always sure what we're doing, but no matter what, we will have fun along the way.


Own a business in Historic Ballard

Jax Joon is for sale. Due to unforeseen health issues, Alan and Brittney Geleynse are needing to consolidate down to one business. This is an amazing opportunity to have a growing business of your own! Visit https://goo.gl/9aSQSS for more information.

Questions? Contact Brittney at 208.602.6650 or brittney@jaxjoon.com.