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Below is a sampling of our many fine products! 

Photo by masterzphotois/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by masterzphotois/iStock / Getty Images

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Candles Galore!

At Jax Joon, we like our candles to be made in the USA. From soy to vegetable wax, our candles burn very clean. Our scents range from Geranium and Basil to Gold. We have the candle to fit your needs.



Based out of the Queen Anne Neighborhood in Seattle. This is one of the newest candle lines on the market. US Veteran Jerry and his business partner Hou work together to create this great works of visual and scentual art. Jax Joon features Alpine Gentian, Campground Coffee, Chocolate Brownie, Douglas Fir, Fireside, Forest Fern, Seagrass, Sitka Spruce, Smoky Bourbon, and Vanilla Cupcake.


K. Hall

Softly scented and made with Vegetable wax, these candles out of Pennsylvania can be the centerpiece of a room on their own. We offer three sizes the Large Tin, the Glass Jar, and the Travel Tin. We include scents such as Shoreline, Earl Grey, Milk, Egyptian Cotton, Lily of the Valley and Washed Cotton.



Another part of the K Hall Brand, these great candles offer beauty and soft scent to create a wonderful ambiance. Jax Joon offers Rougue, Gold, Pearl, and Shell. A wonderful gift for someone sepcial. 

T Shirts

With lines from Ames Bros, to Dance Bear, to Leggit Tees, to PalmerCash and many more, Jax Joon has a quirky Tank Tops and T Shirt for you! Check out some of our current styles, Click on the right side of the gallery below to scroll.

Down east

A new line at Jax Joon Starting April 2017. Sizes range of Small through Extra Large. Great Quality and Forgiving Fit. Great range of colors and styles.

3 Great Outfits

This one pair of capris pairs so nicely with a wide range of shirts.

designed for Layers

Quality cardigans and blouses in a wide range of colors create so many options

Sweet Dresses

Such fun designs and flirty cuts create a great look for so many body types.

Urban Agriculture Craft Cocktail Kits


Use the Tarragon you grow, plus Blackberries, Simple Syrup, Lime Juice and Pisco to create a delicious cocktail for a warm day.

Rosemary Tequila SunSet

A fun twist on a summer classic, use the Rosemary you've grown to infuse tequila and add Lime Juice, Simple Syrup and Blue Curacao to complete this fantasic cocktail.

BASIL Gold Rush

Since Bourbon is my jam, this is my favorite cocktail. Add the Basil you grow to Bourbon, Honey, Lemon Juice, Grapefruit and an IPA. A unqiue cocktail to be sure!

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